Missions in Eastern Europe

04/07/2024 Twitter English edition of the Revista Española de Defensa. Number 16

The deterrence and defense missions of NATO's eastern flank are the cover story of the May issue of the Revista Española de Defensa. It reports on Spain's participation in these missions, with some 2,000 soldiers. An interview with Rear Admiral Joaquín Ruiz Escagedo, who has been in charge of SNMG-1, and information about the Steadfast Defender 2024 exercises, NATO's largest since the Cold War, are included. Colonel José Ignacio Yaniz, from EMACON, writes about this new NATO training model.
It also includes the completion of the EU mission in Mali and the deployment of the five ships of the Daedalus expeditionary group in the Mediterranean and the Baltic. Likewise, a report is dedicated to Spain's work in Iraq, with 370 soldiers in the international coalition against Daesh and in the NATO mission.
Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, reflects on the need to put defense at the center of EU policies. In another article, the conclusions of an Army Conference dedicated to analyzing operations in cyberspace are presented.
The Industry and Technology pages report on the presentation of the first EU Defense Industrial Strategy and are completed with the future SIRTAP tactical RPAS, which will be developed entirely in Spain.
Opinion pages analyze Russia's growing military and economic influence in Africa, and another article reflects on the Safe Schools Declaration, which aims to guarantee education in armed conflicts.



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